Moving from Twitter to Mastodon

New Mastodon Profile —

Moving to Mastodon

Now that Twitter is burning down faster than anyone expected, I joined the mass migration of academics to Mastodon and opened an account on the instance last Friday.

So far I have been enjoying Mastodon immensely. As a matter of fact, I’ve had more high-quality exchanges with colleagues and people outside of my bubble in a weekend than I did during the two years I spent on Twitter. There’s something rather special about the Mastodon community, even with the massive influx of new users, and I hope we can preserve that community spirit.

I’ll stay a while longer on Twitter to redirect users to my new Mastodon profile, but I assume that I’ll be engaging less and less as time goes on. The handling of this takeover is one of the worst messes I’ve seen in a while and I would not be surprised if Twitter were to end up like MySpace soon.

Advice for New Mastodon Users

There are many fantastic resources for new users out there and more are being written daily. These are some of my favorites: